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    Why do I need the Helsinki Book?

    If you decide to visit Helsinki, this book will work as a good spark, shoving you in the right direction. The Helsinki Book is just a personal book written with heart and soul by a local guy who runs a lunch restaurant. It’s a good size hard cover, coffee table book (252 pages) written in English and printed in Finland on the best quality paper.

    The places I chose for the book

    The places I chose for The Helsinki Book were simply the parts of the city that I like the most, the restaurants where I like to eat and the cafes where I like to hang out. Nothing more, nothing less. No money changed hands while picking out the spots and except for one investor who paid for printing we didn’t receive any outside funding.

    So, what am I going to do in Helsinki?

    The Helsinki Book pretty much answers this question. The book is an entertaining, informative, fun and above all a modern way to get to know the beautiful capital city of Finland. It’s a very personal view and all about the way I would like you to see my hometown.

    What's in the book?

    The Helsinki Book is a beautiful, modern, fun and entertaining book for anyone who wants to come over and spend time in my hometown. Call it an easy Helsinki package.

    Link (PDF)

    Nordic Dynamite?

    Dude, you need to try this!

    Everyone knows what ketchup is. Everyone knows what chili sauce is. One can maybe call them universal sauces BUT do they really go on everything as one would expect from a REAL universal sauce? Nope is the answer. The certainly don’t.

    I wanted to give it a shot and try inventing a real universal condiment that really goes on EVERYTHING and ended up with Nordic Dynamite after many a trial and error. Try it with chicken, vegetables, fruits, chocolate cake, fish, smoothies, berries, steak, ice cream, pork, hot chocolate, gin…The list is endless!

    You’ll find the recipe in The Helsinki Book!

    A few celebs onboard

    We also ended up with a few celebs, who wanted to say hi to the reader: A  Grammy Award winner from New York, a World Champion fighter, a couple of hard core musicians and a top notch Formula One driver.

    In which languages can I find The Helsinki Book?

    The Helsinki Book is written in English but a digital Japanese version of the book will maybe be published in the future if we can figure out where to publish it. Have any ideas? Please send them to  info@thehelsinkibook.com. Thanks!

    What makes The Helsinki Book different compared to other Helsinki guide books?

    It’s written with heart, soul and humor and has nothing to do with hard, cold facts.

    I'd like to buy a signed copy. Is this possible?

    Yes. As long as Marc works at restaurant Qulma (check www.qulma.fi) it is possible to buy custom signed copies.

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