Twice published

A few years ago I wrote a cookbook in Finnish called Sopat! (Soups!) for a large Finnish publisher. The book did pretty well (around 5000 books) and all parts concerned were happy with the outcome. SOPAT! was noted in most major magazines, newspapers, radio channels and even on TV. I now own the rights to SOPAT! and I am on the lookout for new partners who would be interested in translating this fantastic *soup bible*!

Writing The Helsinki Book took around 18 months and it was a lot more work that I bargained for. I was really happy though with the outcome. When the first delivery arrived and I felt The Helsinki Book in my hand for the first time, I was so overwhelmed that I started to cry like a baby, having lived this huge project for one and a half years. I had given birth.

Here’s also a small thing I was asked to write for Inktank: