• Krista Kosonen, award winning actor

    The Helsinki Book made me fall in love with Helsinki again! I found new places, new restaurants and sights  that I just have to visit. The book is also very humorous and entertaining.

    Petri Sarvamaa, Member of the European Parliament

    ”Marc Aulén’s opus is ingenius! It offers the true essence of the city in a charming and honest manner. The Helsinki Book is so much more than a tourist guide, though. It’s more of a personal journey not to be missed!”


    “If you decide to visit Helsinki, this book will work as a great guide. The Helsinki Book by Marc Aulén.”

    Helsingin Sanomat

    “The Helsinki Book also presents the best running routes in Helsinki!”

    Charles C. Adams, Ambassador Of The United States Of America In Helsinki

    “I very much enjoyed The Helsinki Book, which I will be recommending to all of my friends heading for Finland.”

    Violetta Teetor, Helsinki This Week

    ”The Helsinki Book is written straight from the heart with its short quips, great pics and moments of tenderness. This is a love letter and a great souvenir on which to reminisce years later, when hazy memories take you back to that glorious city on the shores of the Baltic Sea.”

    Pekka Sauri, The Deputy Mayor of Helsinki

    ”Marc Aulén’s ’The Helsinki Book’ is an easily accessible, beautifully illustrated introduction to a city that is constantly re-inventing itself. If you’re a newcomer or wish to see your hometown in a new light, this tome will give you a good start.”

    Mikko Von Hertzen, Lead singer and guitarist in the Von Hertzen Brothers

    “A beautiful book with up-to-date insights and superb tips about my hometown!”

    Jaakko Blomberg, Urban Activist Of The Year 2016

    “If you’re looking for a Helsinki guidebook that differs from the rest, this is the one. The Helsinki Book has something for everyone. Not only does it cater for the traveller, it also offers good tips for locals. The book is a very personal view of Helsinki and Finland, so don’t expect to read up on the most obvious tourist attractions. Now I know where to head, when I’m looking for good restaurants that I haven’t visited yet.”

    H.E Mr Dimitrios Karabalis, The Greek Ambassador of Helsinki

    “On the back cover of Marc Aulen’s Helsinki Book, I would have added in bold black letters: WARNING! This is NOT a customary “must do-must see” guide/manual.To be avoided by persons allergic to cultural and culinary treasure hunting.

    Then what finally IS the Helsinki Book? First and foremost it is a moving confession of love of the author to his adoptive city. At the same time it is an extraordinary collection of tips, hints and advice of the kind you get when you ask a savvy friend when first visiting his city.Marc acts through the pages of the book, not as a guide but as your friendly companion, with an holistic approach to this multi-layered and multi-faceted jewel that is Helsinki. So, dear fellow expatriates, I cannot promise that three or four years is time enough to talk the talk in this country, but I can assure you that by following Marc’s advice, you will at least be able to walk the walk in the true Finnish way.”

    Pertti Nyberg, MTV3 Newsroom’s Book Blog

    ” The Helsinki Book is an excellent, informative portrayal of today’s Helsinki.”

    Philippe Beke, The Ambassador of Belgium in Helsinki

    “Dear Mr Aulén. I had a lot of pleasure in reading your book on Helsinki!”

    Stuba Nikula, Cultural Director at the City Of Helsinki’s Cultural Office

    “A truly interesting book which nicely brings together both large and small things as well as the obvious and the surprising. Helsinkians love their city, which clearly shows in The Helsinki Book!”

    Anni Vartola, owner of www.bookm-ark.fi

    “The Helsinki Book by Marc Aulén is the best book you can ever get to ensure that your stay in Helsinki will be an excellent one…”

    “…The best thing about The Helsinki Book is that it does not recapitulate the official Helsinki design city rhetoric. It has been edited with a very personal touch and with special insider’s wisdom.”

    Teresa Välimäki, chef, TV personality and cookbook author

    “Marcs tips on the sights in Helsinki are full of life and picked with heart and soul. It’s easy to see that the author truly loves his hometown. Seldom have I seen a city guidebook written with so much feeling. Good job!”

    Sarah Laaru Mwaawaaru, Business Developer

    “…there are those unconventional guidebooks out there; edgy, straight to the point, contemporary if you like but none compares to the brilliance, humorous, and informative fun of Marc Aulén’s The Helsinki Book…”

    Sari Helin, columnist, blogger and media entrepreneur

    ”This unusually joyfull guidebook takes you to the best places in Helsinki. The pictures in the book show the reader an authentic view of the city. The Helsinki Book is the real thing and I strongly recommend it!”

    Inka Järvikangas-Editor, Kontakti magazine

    “The inspiration for the cover came from The Beatles White Album. The pictures in the book are stunning and filled with life. The text in the book is quick to read with just the suitable amount of info. The graphics are modern and the book certainly doesn’t lack a good portion of humour!”

    Eeropekka Rislakki , Viisi Tähteä Hotel and Restaurant Magazine

    “Aulénin katse on samalla ulkopuolisen, mutta myös selvästi kaupunkia uteliaasti tutkineen sisäpiiriläisen, joka haluaa kertoa omasta Helsingistä sinne saapuville turisteille. Englanniksi kirjoitettu teos pyrkii poimimaan matkaoppaita henkilökohtaisemman Helsingin. Ravintolat eivät ole fine diningia vaan rosoisempia ja muilla elämyksen tasolla toimivia kohteita. Sama koskee muitakin valintoja on sitten kyse nähtävyyksistä, kahviloista, baareista, tapahtumista, musiikista, shoppailusta jne.”

    Jörn Donner, Author

    Marc Aulén has written a book about Helsinki that makes it unnecessary to travel to Helsinki at all. Just read the book. But in case you change your mind  and travel anyhow, welcome to the tips and recipes in The Helsinki Book. Have fun, both ways!

    Maija Lukkari -Nyman, www.maijanmaailma.fi

    “For once a book about Helsinki that’s the real deal and which doesn’t offer only sugar coated pictures of my hometown. The book also offers beautiful pictures, full of life.”

    Maria del Carmen Hanninen – Authorised Helsinki Tour Guide and Author of the ‘Share The Moon’ memoirs blog

    “Congratulations, Marc on an excellent product! The ‘Helsinki Book’ is a delightful and most readable guide on Helsinki and the Finns for the first-time visitor as much as for the seasoned traveller. There is something for everyone in the diverse chapters covering a large variety of topics ranging from Finnish lifestyle and its peculiarities, gastronomy, to restaurants, cafes and festivals. Even some of Marc’s mouth-watering recipes can be found at the end of the book. The typeface is large enabling easy reading, and the page layout colourful and eye catching enticing the reader to stop by. Simply select your topic or chapter and dive in! I also like the way each page has a web link to the relevant topic as contact information and not much more. Nowadays nothing else is needed. I will definitely recommend to my tour guide clients and tourism colleagues. Looking forward to a follow-up!”

    Karri Korppi, Happy Guide Helsinki

    “Marc Aulén has recently published the book that I always wanted to write. He kindly gave his permission to copy his idea though, hahaha! The Helsinki Book is all about tips what to do when in Helsinki, awesome photos and witty notes. One could even call it ”This generations travel guide!” It’s like Instagram on paper.”

    Jaakko Iloniemi, Minister, Finlands former Ambassador in Washington, Author

    “Having read the The Helsinki Book I am happy to say that it is as fresh as Marc´s cooking – good taste and fine intellectual nourishment – splendid pictures, good humour, simply a book I appreciate greatly. My congratulations!”

    Jaakko Iloniemi, Minister, Finlands former Ambassador in Washington, Author

    “Having read the The Helsinki Book I am happy to say that it is as fresh as Marc´s cooking – good taste and fine intellectual nourishment – splendid pictures, good humour, simply a book I appreciate greatly. My congratulations!”

    Popstar and singer Benjamin on THB

    “A truly well accomplished and thorough guide of the city of Helsinki. An Easy-to-read book that gives you insight on the sense of wanderlust of the city itself, written at such a personal level that makes it very engaging!”

    -Benjamin Peltonen, singer and popstar-